Regard ombragé – Clin d’oeil à….

Regard ombragé – Napalysaleya.
Donc un petit hommage à Mr.Armitage.

Pourquoi? Poursuivie, complètement ^^
Alors que je lisais « The adventure of the Gloria Scott  » (l’une des nouvelles de Conan Doyle), je tombe (littéralement ou presque) sur un personnage dont le véritable nom (patronyme) est : Armitage.
Extrait :(version originale):
 » « ‘My name, dear lad, is not Trevor. I was James Armitage in my younger days, and you can understand now the shock that it was to me a few weeks ago when your college friend addressed me in words which seemed to imply that he had surprised my secret. As Armitage it was that I entered a London banking-house, and as Armitage I was convicted of breaking my country’s laws, and was sentenced to transportation. »

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