The amazing galactic toy empire: the story of the original Star Wars action figures.

J’étais une petite fille quand ces jouets-là sont sortis ^^ et pourtant, ils ont fait partie de mes préférés( d’ailleurs, je les ai toujours, sauf Darth Vader, celui-ci était à mon frère ! )

starwars figures

If you grew up in the late 1970s or during the 1980s in America or many other countries around the world, chances are very good that you had Star Wars action figures. If you were a boy between the ages of 6 and 13 at any time during the run of the original Star Wars films (1977 to 1983), they were probably your favorite toys. Certainly they were mine. I had seemingly hundreds of Star Wars action figures, and in fact many of them still reside in a box in my parents’ garage, awaiting that magical day (for which most of my age-peers are also waiting) when they’re suddenly worth a fortune to collectors. This article is not about that, but rather, how this little toy empire got started, and how it grew seemingly as large as the galaxy it depicted.

You must understand first that almost nobody anticipated the…

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