Mark Hamill: Actor talks ‘Kingsman’ cameo, ‘Star Wars’ anticipation

Mark Hamill parle de Star Wars!

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Mark Hamill might not have a lot of screen time in director Matthew Vaughn’s new film, « Kingsman: The Secret Service, » but what he has is certainly memorable.

In the opening sequence, which arrives in theaters Feb. 13, Hamill watches an operatically violent tussle unfold inside the remote chalet where his character, a kidnapped professor, is being held. The blood-spattered action sets the tone for the gleefully violent R-rated sendup/love-letter to classic spy flicks.

The scene likely will ring familiar to comic readers who know the Mark Millar-Dave Gibbons title that inspired the film (notably, the comic was co-created by Vaughn), though it does play out a bit differently on the big screen.

Hamill is not, as he was in the comic, appearing as himself, nor is he listening to complaints about the inferior quality of the « Star Wars » prequels. In Millar’s original script, the actor is barraged by his…

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