Barack Obama Says He Doesn’t Send Texts

Bon, pas la peine d’essayer d’envoyer des textos à Barack Obama, le président n’utilise que les emails, (au cas où vous auriez son n°, bien sûr!)


If your most recent text to Barry O. could not be delivered, don’t take it personally.

The President doesn’t text. On an appearance with Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night, President Obama told the talk show host that he uses a Blackberry for email, but not for SMS. And iMessages? Forget about it.

« I don’t text, » said President Obama. « I email. »

« I still have a Blackberry, » he added to laughter when one person in the audience gave a ‘whoop.’ « The one old guy there, look at that. He’s my age. Somebody in my generation. »

Recorders in smartphones can be hacked and turned on to record conversations, even when the phone is off. So Obama doesn’t get an iPhone.

« I can’t use phones with recorders in them. The new-fangled stuff, for security reasons I don’t get, » said the President.

Watch the full clip above.

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