It Ain’t White Boy Day: A Celebration Of Gary Oldman As Drexl Spivey From ‘True Romance’

Parce que …Gary Oldman ….^^
(excellent dans « True romance ») – comment? vous n’avez pas vu True Romance?!!!)



There’s been no shortage of memorable characters throughout Gary Oldman’s three-decade-long career. He seamlessly transforms into nearly any part he puts himself into, whether it be Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight trilogy, his Oscar-nominated role in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, or one of the many villains he’s played throughout the years, such as Stansfield from Leon: The Professional. Oldman has a way of picking the unique characters that are outsiders and embodying every minute detail of their personality. Out of all the roles he’s played, one of his most memorable — and certainly my favorite — is that of the brutal Drexl Spivey from True Romance. Dammit, is Drexl ever fun to watch.


The character couldn’t be more opposite from Oldman in every way possible: A white Jamaican pimp with a wonky eye and twisted demeanor that could turn violent at any second. Drexl isn’t even…

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