From ‘Golden Girls’ To ‘The Facts Of Life’: Remembering George Clooney’s Pre-‘ER’ TV Roles

George Clooney a fêté ses 54 ans (si, si ) hier. Le voici dans quelques rôles avant qu’il ne devienne célèbre (et oui, on peut se marrer). Le pré-« Urgences » par exemple…..


George Clooney Facts of Life

George Clooney turns 54 today, and to celebrate, we’re looking at some of his early television roles. Before he became a huge star on ER, and eventually landed roles in The Perfect Storm, Three Kings, and the Ocean’s trilogy, he was just another struggling actor hoping to catch his big — non-Return of the Killer Tomatoes — break. Here are five shows where you might have seen George Clooney in the 80s and early 90s.

E/R – (1984-85)

That’s right, 10 years before George Clooney became a star on ER, he was a cast member on a medical sitcom called E/R. In this show, he plays Mark, aka Ace, a hotshot EMT who is the nephew of one of the doctors at the hospital. As you can see in the above clip, his legendary charm was evident back then, too, as his character quickly starts…

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