Andy Samberg And A Glorious Wig Battle Kit Harrington At Wimbledon In ‘7 Days In Hell’


HBO has released the first teaser for 7 Days In Hell, the sports mockumentary/spoof film that follows an epic seven day match at Wimbledon between Andy Samberg’s wild vet Aaron Williams and Kit Harrington’s young prodigy who apparently can’t get out from under his mother’s care.

The Hollywood Reporter got a look at the film at SXSW, but the trailer gives a nice feel on what to expect when the movie premieres on July 11th. A silly, extended SNL sketch that apparently doesn’t hold back on some of the raunch and features a nice cast of familiar faces.

Samberg’s stock has really popped up after leaving SNL, so I’m a little excited to see how this plays out. He’s great on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but it could be easy to slip back into that familiar territory. At least he’ll look great doing it.

(Via HBO)

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