20150611 – RIP MR Christopher Lee

RIP Christopher Lee

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EN :

Christopher Lee , a great actor has passed away at 93, he will be after Bela Lugosi the eternal face of the Vampire Dracula, the one that embodies it for Hammer studios, the one that add it  this « sexy » aspect, he was also for a time Sherlock Holmes , Frankestein or in some major franchises like Count Dooku / Darth Tyrannus,in Star Wars, Saruman in the Lord of the Rings, the man with the golden gun in James Bond, one of the crazy scientist in Gremlins franchise , also part of the Tim Burton universe, he’s part of the universe of films I like  and adore! Rest in peace Mr Lee !

FR :

Christopher Lee, un grand acteur nous a quitté à 93 ans, il sera, après Bela Lugosi l’éternel visage du vampire Dracula, des studios Hammer, il a été celui qui a donné un coté très…

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