The runes in the top picture are Anglo-Saxon. The runes on the bottom are Khuzdul. Practically the same. I’m not sure why I just now figured this out.

Actually Khuzdul is the name for the language of Dwarves; the runes in the picture are Cirth (though it’s a bit mixed up, which is weird: some runes are cirth erebor and others are cirth moria)

However, Tolkien used a different combination of rune-sound when he wrote The Hobbit, and this one looks even closer to Futhark

I think I remember Tolkien mentioning somewhere (I think probably his Letters, but I can’t find the right one now) that he was deeply unhappy about writing the rune text on the map in The Hobbit (or was it the inscription on Balin’s tomb in LotR, I can’t really remember) in English and not “Westron” (which is not English, but some form of Adûnaic mixed with other languages and warped by time), which he thought destroyed the illusion of the stories being written by Bilbo Baggins and him just translating them into English…