X-men Apocalypse : trailer



x-men apocalypse cerebro

The trailer doesn’t hesitate with the good stuff: That sure looks like Apocalypse entering Cerebro. After that we get images of… well, apocalypse, and then…

x-men apocalypse jean grey

We meet Jean Grey for the first time, being reassured by…

x-men apocalypse professor x fashion victim

’80s Hair Charles Xavier, who apparently isn’t psychic enough to detect people mocking his almost-mullet.

x-men apocalypse moira

That rolls right into a visit to the CIA, where Moira MacTaggart is currently employed and hunting our villain, Apocalypse. The trailer recaps some of his backstory; that he’s the First Mutant, that he’s a cult leader worshiped as a god, and that he’s a bit of a monster.

x-men apocalypse mystique

Mystique has gone natural, these days.

x-men apocalypse nightcrawler

Our first look at the new Nightcrawler, with the symbols on his skin kept in place.

x-men apocalypse jubilee

Fans also get to see Jubilee for the first meaningful time in an X-Men movie; oddly, Wolverine isn’t in this trailer.

x-men apocalypse magneto

It’s not really delved into in any real detail, but this trailer makes it clear Magneto has not had a good time of it since the events of X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Which makes the reveal that he’s one of Apocalypse’s four horsemen a bit less shocking.

x-men apocalypse storm closeup

Our first look at the new Storm, complete with ’80s mohawk! She also, uh, is working for Apocalypse in this trailer, so that’s not good.

x-men apocalypse psylocke

For all the sweet moves Olivia Munn has been learning, this is pretty much the only glimpse of her we get in the trailer.

x-men apocalypse havok

Similarly, Havok, played by Lucas Till, doesn’t get much screen time. He’s mostly Chuck’s valet.

x-men apocalypse beast trimmed

Beast is keeping his blue furry side under relative control.

x-men apocalypse jailed

This is about the point where it’s revealed things kind of go to hell for the team. If you look closely, that’s Quicksilver in the center and several other X-Men in a jail cell, presumably one built by Apocalypse.

x-men apocalypse the new kids

Meet the recast X-Men!

x-men apocalypse giant

A nice touch is that Apocalypse’s abilities are all intact; he really can grow to giant size as one of his powers in the comics, and it looks good in the trailer.

x-men apocalypse quicksilver

Quicksilver clearly plays more of a role this time around.

x-men apocalypse angel

The new and retooled Angel. Well, technically Archangel, although they’ve lost the Smurf skin tone and blue and pink unitard.

x-men apocalypse storm

Another good shot of Storm.

x-men apocalypse school explosion

Once again, Xavier’s School for the Gifted is trashed. Chuck must have contractors on speed dial.

x-men apocalypse closeup

The trailer obscures Apocalypse a lot, but we do get a few good looks at him, and this is one.

x-men apocalypse apocalypse cerebro

Unless we miss our guess, Apocalypse will be hijacking Cerebro and trying to mind-control all mutants to create a mutant army. By now you’d think they’d have password-protected Cerebro, or given it a failsafe to shut down when the words “Kill all humans” or something are uttered.

x-men apocalypse disaster

Apocalypse lives up to his name…

x-men apocalypse professor x black eyes

…And he’s not fun to mind-read, apparently.

x-men apocalypse bald professor x

Finally, we get a shot of Professor X with his classic bald pate. He looks good!

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