Cursed Child, Take One

Voilà un avis qui me plaît assez bien – Surtout lisez les commentaires: très réfléchis! (spoilers pour ceux qui n’ont pas lu Cursed child)

The Harry Potter Companion

I have to be honest, I’d been dreading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ever since I heard it was being released. I’ve grown increasingly disenchanted with Rowling since Deathly Hallows was released nine years ago – she’s continued to meddle and insist on controlling this world and these characters that now feel like they should belong to us. I stopped following Pottermore altogether after several of her posts there felt poorly conceived, contradictory, and in some cases just plain culturally insensitive. I was worried that this play/script would exacerbate some of these problems.

I finally broke down and read it today, though. And, I’ll be honest, mostly enjoyed it. It has some huge problems – the main villain in particular is cringe-worthy both in how they are drawn and in their resolution at the end. And there are some big gaps in the storytelling that read like bad fanfiction. But overall…

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