John Jude Palencar – L’été de l’art #26



Le calendrier 2019  illustrant Game of Thrones a été confié à John Jude Palencar:


Palencar est connu pour les couvertures réalisées pour la série de romans Eragon :


Et voici quelques illustrations issues du prochain calendrier:




Calendrier 2019

 » Palencar’s latest project is the 2019 “A Song of Ice and Fire” calendar that was just approved by author George R.R. Martin and his team. “A Song of Ice and Fire” is the name of Martin’s book series on which the “Game of Thrones” TV series is based.

“They were very accepting of my approach,” Palencar said. “My approach is probably not going to be liked by a lot of people because I really didn’t want to show the exact characters’ faces.”

Palencar, 61, who has worked almost exclusively as a freelance artist since before graduating from the Columbus College of Art in Design in 1980, said he has good reason for this approach.  » (source)