Le printemps de l’art – 10

L’artiste de cette semaine a un monde particulier : il aime raconter des histoires étranges au travers de ses dessins et de ses peintures.

Photo taken by David Hayes


Come Back To Me by Ysvyri

Voilà ce que dit Kim Myattà propos de son art :
« My work is a cumulation of influences from my childhood and teenage years – horror cinema, 90s TV shows, video games and growing up in a small town where a lot of strange things happened. I usually work digitally but I sometimes make small excursions into traditional media and would like to do more. I also make prints of my work, which are available in my store, and soon I’d like to make other merch. « 


Sorrows to the Wind by Ysvyri

Cernunnos by Ysvyri

Made Me Come Undone by Ysvyri

In Ancient Woods by Ysvyri


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