Les chats de Charles Wysocki — L’été de l’art .37

Il paraît qu’aujourd’hui marque la journée internationale du chat (je pense que c’est tous les jours, la journée du chat ). Pour rendre hommage aux matous et aux minettes, voici les chats de Charles Wysocki (1928-2002) un peintre américain connu aussi pour ses représentations faussement naïves de la vie campagnarde américaine.

« I especially like to inject a touch of humor into my work. So much of art today tries to reach for the profound or is painted for shock value. I see life on the lighter side, in much simpler and more basic forms. I personally feel that art should be fun for the artist as well as the viewer. But I work hard at doing my very best to make each painting both as simple and as interesting as possible. It’s difficult. I try. Children, bless their clear eyes, enjoy the simplicity in my work and this really thrills me each time. Art appreciation is not exclusively for adults. I am constantly surprised at how articulate youngsters are in expressing themselves, how clearly they see connections, both within the paintings and to life. » –Charles Wysocki

J’ai vu que l’illustration ci-dessous existait en poster (et pouvait se commander en ligne)

Charles Wysocki - Classic Tails -  Print Poster  (Overall Size: 18.5x35.5)  (Image Size: 14x31)

Charles Wysocki Cat Picture ALL BURNED OUT

Et oui, c’est un livre aussi ….