Marcus Behmer, style Beardsley

Marcus (Michael Douglas) Behmer ( 1879  Weimar – 1958  Berlin ) est un illustrateur, peintre, designer, graphiste et écrivain allemand.

« Marcus Behmer was a son of the painter Hermann Behmer. His artistic beginnings came with his first major success with the illustrations for Wilde‘s Salome in 1903. The early works show the influence of the illustrations of Aubrey Beardsley.

From 1914 he participated in the First World War (in Flanders and in Poland). In the summer of 1917 he fell ill « after an operation in the field ».

Marcus Behmer Portrait by Dorothea Werner 27.06.1947 190x232px.jpg

J’avais déjà parlé du Beardsley russe mais Behmer est encore plus proche en style de Beardsley ( ça se voit avec les illustrations de Salomé). Mais ce n’est pas seulement pour cela que j’ai choisi de le présenter. Car il y a une chose  à savoir à son sujet (que j’ignorais totalement) :

« Behmer had been since 1903 a member of the first homosexual organization in the world in Berlin (Whk)  . Because of his homosexuality, Behmer was sentenced in April 1937 by a court in Konstanz to imprisonment of two years. At times he was given the opportunity to work as an artist in prison. The works produced in this period are mostly tablets with Greek text (prayers and Bible quotes), and drawings full of bitterness and irony ».

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Marcus BEHMER (1879-1958).






Deux illustrations érotiques bien amusantes ici.