Les femmes de l’art – 8

Isabel Bishop, (1902- 1988 ) est une peintre américaine qui a surtout représenté des scènes urbaines de Union Square, à New York, des années 1930 aux années 1970. Elle est connue pour sa représentation de femmes américaines et en tant que membre principal de la Fourteenth Street School of artists.

Woman with large hat sits contemplatively, looking left, her arms resting on her crossed knees, holding a cigarette. Dark lines of print begin on the bottom, fading out towards the center, in line with her hands. A long fur stole reaches over her coat, crossing her body.
Print of a seated woman removing her white underwear. Seen from the side, the lifts her left leg and pulls with both hands. Her light skin contrasts with her dark hair and the grey and black background behind her, which is structured by abstract shapes resembling rocks.